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 How do I level up my battleship?

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PostSubject: How do I level up my battleship?   Sat Feb 16, 2008 10:09 am

Battleship levelling is based on your Military Equipment level.

In the game, click the picture of the ship in the lower right hand corner or press Ctrl-Z.

The Military Equipment Level of your ship is listed there along with several other stats. Take a look around at each of them.

There are several different ways to go about upgrading your battleship:
Raider Baiting

After getting enough experience to get to the next level, you have to upgrade your ship. Instructions for doing that are at the bottom of the post
Quests would probably be the best for players just starting the game, as it gives a high return on your time and silver investment, and isn't very likely to kill you.

There are four cities that you can see when you start the game; Alexandria, Athens, Beirut, and Istanbul. Each of these cities has an NPC called Ares Warrior Alliance Master. Talk to him, apply to join the Alliance (It's ok if you've already joined another, you can belong to more than one), then look through the tasks or quests that he offers. Pick one that has to do with sea battle.

Exclamation Read Carefully: The Warrior Alliance Master will usually tell you to attack and destroy some number of Crete Peg Leg Pirate ships. Pay attention to which kind of ship he tells you to destroy. There are three different classes of ship; Raiding Ship, Smuggling Ship, and Armed Ship.

  • Raiding Ships - These are the pirates that roam around the high seas, attacking any ship they find that is carrying goods. They won't attack you if you don't have any goods loaded on your ship. You can find goods to buy at the Trader, pick them up from Smuggling Ships that you've destroyed, or any fish that you catch are considered goods.
  • Smuggling Ships - These ships stream out of pirate ports between the hours of 6:00PM and 5:00AM (Game Time). The easiest way to catch one is to sit in front of the port they leave from and attack them as they approach you. Once you engage them in battle, be aware that they will sail straight without engaging you. If you place yourself in their cannon attack zone, they will fire, but will not turn to keep attacking. Kill them quickly to keep from having to chase them down. A smuggler's #1 priority is to get his goods to their destination. Visit VCO's MySpace page for a video of how to easily defeat smuggling ships. Click the menu button below the video player and choose the video named "Guide to killing Merchant's and Smugglers"
  • Armed Ships - Around Crete, Corsica, and other places in the world, you will find persistent battlefields. Armed Ships are found inside these battlefields. Be aware that the closer you get to the smoking ships in the center of the battlefield, the more pirates will come after you. Sitting in the middle of the battlefield, you might have 20 pirates firing at you at once. You won't last long doing that. Keep your distance to where you are fighting one or two at a time until your ship is upgraded further.
Exclamation Caution: As this game is still in development, there are some inconsistencies in the wording. ALWAYS look at your log book after accepting a task from any NPC. If what the NPC says and the logbook disagree, go by what the logbook says.
Battlefields would arguably be the fastest active method for gaining Military Equipment levels. That's because you can fight many pirates at once, without pauses to go back to a town or wait for a Raider to find you. Speed does come at a cost though. You need to have money to fight in battlefields. You have to buy cannonballs, repair kits, healing kits, as well as heal and recruit sailors. You just don't get the kind of rewards in the battlefield that you do out in open sea. That said, there are other rewards that you can ONLY get in battlefields, but that is a topic for another time.

Fighting in the battlefield takes some preparation. Before setting out, make sure you do the following:

  • Repair your ship
  • Heal any injured sailors
  • Recruit as many sailors as your ship will hold
  • Sell, or otherwise offload any extra weight on your ship that won't help you kill pirates
  • Buy several Healing Kits (10 would be a good number to start with)
  • Buy several Repair Kits (10 again is a good number)
  • Buy ammunition to fill up the rest of the space on your ship up to about 90%
  • If you have one, make sure you equip a shield on your boat - If not, look for one dropped by killed pirates after you start fighting

Exclamation As noted above in the Quests section, the battlefields are filled with Armed Ships. Be careful how close you get to the center of the fields as the area around the smoking ships is the spawn point for all pirates in the battlefield. Get close enough that you can kill the pirates before they make a complete circle around you, and you should be ok.
Raider Baiting
Raider baiting is the act of buying just a little goods (One item is enough), then sailing around waiting to be attacked by Pirate Raiding Ships. This tecnique is most often used when you want to raise your military equipment level, but you have other work to do also. Sail from town A to town B, and if you get attacked on the way, then good, you got experience for it. If not, then that's ok because you had something to do in town B anyway.

Fighting raiders is pretty straight forward. There's only one pirate to fight and he will keep engaging you until you kill him, he kills you, or you escape. If you are fighting a pirate that can kill you in a straight cannon against cannon battle, your best bet is to sail around behind him. He will try to turn to keep firing at you, but if you move slowly enough so that you don't pass the back of him, but fast enough to stay out of his line of fire, you can kill him without much damage to yourself.

Idea Be aware that the type of raiders you attract depends on the level of goods you are carrying. Carrying around level 1 goods, you will only get attacked by Peg Legs. Level 2 will attract Peg Legs and Iron Hands. Level 3 will add Steel Tooth ships to the list.

Exclamation Very rarely, you will be attacked by a Pirate Boss NPC. They have real-sounding-names, but still sail with black sails. If you see one of these, RUN, and enter anything you can; drifters, a town, fight another ship, anything. If they catch you, try running, but resign yourself to meeting up with Davy Jones, down at his locker.
There are two types of scrolls that help you level up in the game. Practice Scrolls and Double-XP Scrolls.

Although there are many types of Practice Scrolls available to use in the game, there are none that raise your Military Equipment.

The scroll that is useful here is the Double-XP scroll, short for Double-Experience. You can find these scrolls in the Item Mall (Costs real money there) or you can sometimes find other players selling them in a booth. They are quite expensive though. Each scroll comes with 5 uses, with each use lasting 1 real-time hour. The going rate for them at this time, is 1,000,000 silver per use that the scroll has left. So a brand new scroll that hasn't been used at all might sell for 5,000,000.

These scrolls, as their name suggests, give you twice as much experience for anything that you do while the scroll is active. So obviously, to get the best bang for your buck, you would probably want to enable the scroll just as you start fighting in the battlefield.

Idea Note: The scroll will pause if you go offline or exit the game.

Upgrading Your Ship
Your ship will not automatically level up. You must collect the materials needed, and have the Shipyard boss rebuild your ship to the next level. All ship rebuilds require some amount of Timber and some amount of Metal. Higher level ships require higher level materials. The Shipyard Boss will also charge silver to perform the rebuild. The table below lists the requirements for the first few ship levels, and what towns you can rebuild at.

Talk to the Shipyard Boss in the appropriate city for the level of ship you want to upgrade to. Choose the Ship Rebuilding option. Make sure you are on the Battleship tab. Click the icon of the ship you want to upgrade to. Click the right arrow next to the ship's picture to see what the new ship will look like. Make sure to review the changes that will happen when you perform the upgrade. Each stat will have an up arrow, down arrow, or nothing next to it, signifying whether the stat will raise, lower, or stay the same, respectively. The number in each box shows the new value of the stat. Once you have made your selections, click Rebuild to rebuild your ship. Assuming you have required silver and materials, you will have a brand new shiny boat!

Idea Before rebuilding your ship, you must remove the figurehead and any mines, if you have them equipped.

Rebuild ToMil. Eqp.TownsSilverTimberMetal
Level 10Alexandria
5002 Level 12 Level 1
Level 210Genoa10,00010 Level 1
10 Level 2
10 Level 1
10 Level 2
Level 320Algiers45,00025 Level 1
25 Level 2
25 Level 3
25 Level 1
25 Level 2
25 Level 3
Level 430Algiers150,00040 Level 2
40 Level 3
40 Level 4
40 Level 2
40 Level 3
40 Level 4
Level 540Seville350,00060 Level 3
60 Level 4
60 Level 5
60 Level 3
60 Level 4
60 Level 5
Level 650Seville720,00080 Level 4
80 Level 5
80 Level 6
80 Level 4
80 Level 5
80 Level 6

Question Questions? Post a topic in the suggestions forum. Question
Question I'll add any additional info or fix any confusing parts Question

***Edit History***
2/16 - First Published
2/16 - Added Required ME Levels for upgrading
3/19 - Minor Edits, Linked to Game Time post, Added info about smuggling video
3/19 - Corrected ME Levels table


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PostSubject: Re: How do I level up my battleship?   Sun Jun 01, 2008 7:04 am

I have a couple suggestions for people who are new to the game.

1)DO NOT upgrade your Dragon Gun Boat until you have reached a level that is superior in some respect to the DGB. Example: The DGB has more cannons than all battleships until you reach the level 6 battleship. With this in mind I waited until my military equipment level was 60 before I rebuilt it to a level 6 battleship.
Note: When I did this I took a loss on sail, turning speed, and sailing speed if I can remember correctly, but I just wanted more cannons so it was acceptable to me.

2)When you get stunt points for Sea Battle, use them to promote your cannon fight skill. Do this before promoting ramming or grappling. The sooner you get to being able to use level 5 cannons the better and it will become obvious in a second. Just remember to keep promoting that cannon fight skill.

3)Once you get your cannon fight promoted to level 3 take a trip to tripoli and buy all the level 3 buckshot cannons that you can mount on your DGB. Once you do this take an even longer trip down to the Cape of Good Hope and start a warehouse there. Next, go to the shipyard boss and load up on armour piercing cannon balls. This is a somewhat large initial investment but, go to the Cape of Good Hope Battlefields and start killing pirates there. They are worth more exp and they drop level 5 and 6 figureheads which, if you sell to the NPC shipyard boss, is a very easy way for your outings to pay for themselves.
Note: I think the level 6 figurehead sells for about 120k, level 5 for 74k to NPC.

4)Pirate ships in this battlefield also only drop level 5 and 6 cannons which you should pick up and save in your newly bought warehouse. It won't take long before you reach cannon fight level 5 and then you can mount all those level 5 cannons you had been saving all that time which makes it much easier to survive in this BF.

5)The flagship in this BF can be very hard to kill by yourself using only level 3 buckshots. Running IS an option here otherwise be prepared to lose cannons when he sinks you. And it's a long trip back to tripoli to buy more Smile. If you do start to lose cannons, turn off autofire, stop your boat, put your cannons in your hold, and wait for him to either sink you or 30 seconds to pass by so you can leave the BF and limp back to port.
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How do I level up my battleship?
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