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 Gambling to lower jail sentence

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Gambling to lower jail sentence Empty
PostSubject: Gambling to lower jail sentence   Gambling to lower jail sentence EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 11:38 am

Kriegsmarine created a great program to help you win the gambling game. You can get the original program from them by going to, click downloads, and download the "KM knast tool".

The only thing is, it's written in German. For those of us that can't read German, this presents only a minor problem. The numbers are still there. 1st number is 9999, the number of chips to start with. The second number is how many chips to throw away. The third number is the number of chips you should have left, ie. your guess.

To make this just a tad easier, I took a hex editing application and opened their program. I found the text inside it and changed it to English. The numbers had to stay exactly in the same spot for the program to continue to work, so it's got some grammatical problems, but is still easier to understand to English speakers.


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Gambling to lower jail sentence
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