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 How do I contribute points to the guild?

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How do I contribute points to the guild? Empty
PostSubject: How do I contribute points to the guild?   How do I contribute points to the guild? EmptySat Feb 16, 2008 1:37 pm

Contributing to the guild can be done in many ways. Helping another member out, performing guild quests, or contributing silver to the guild treasury are all ways that you can help us become a better guild.

In addition to helping the guild level up, Contribution Points can be used to help you get higher levels of materials, weapons, and armor. Another post will be devoted to the use of contribution points.

Commercial Quests
The best way to contribute is to perform a commercial guild quest. These quests add business points to the guild which is the way we level the guild up. These quests are also worth high contribution points.

Click >here< for instructions for starting a commercial quest

Industrial Quests
These quests also give high contribution points, though they help the guild out in a different way. The guild can use the points earned in these quests to upgrade military levels to better protect a town we may own, better attack a town we want to own, and better protect ourselves in a guild war.

Click >here< for instructions for starting a industrial quest

Contribute to the Treasury
The easiest and quickest way to earn contribution points is to give silver to the guild treasury. You earn one contribution point for each 500 silver you give. So to earn 100 contribution points, you would have to give 50000 silver. Though this way is quick and easy, it is also expensive. At the time of this writing, the guild isn't hurting for money, so we'd prefer commercial and industrial quests.

Click >here< for instructions for contributing silver to the guild treasury

Thanks for helping your guild grow!


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How do I contribute points to the guild?
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