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PostSubject: TREASURES GUIDE   TREASURES GUIDE EmptySun Feb 17, 2008 10:30 pm

Treasures Hunting How-to 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧

Ways to get treasure map pieces

1. Kill land monsters such as goats and wolves random drop

2. Board ships, kill captain random drop (Too much work)

3. Explore places on high sea where it's flashing (Note: not findings, but there are not many of them)

4. Drifters, especially Wreckage Drifters have TONS (Recommended)

5. Buy from other players

Put together the pieces

Need: same type of pieces to put together
4 types: Old scroll, Parchment, Slate, Metal

Go to Barcelona 【treasure hunter】 NPC, he will put together these map pieces for you.

      *6 pieces is required for lvl 1 map,
      *12 or more pieces might give u lvl 2 map (low chance, recommend 15 pieces)
      *24 or more might give u lvl 3 map,50 or more might give u lvl 4 map.
      *At the most, u can put together 60 pieces。
      *Higher the lvl of the treasure map, the more precious it is and costs more money to put together more pieces.[/list:u] 6 pieces: 54k, 12 pieces: 216k, 24 pieces: 864k, 50 pieces: 3750k, 60 pieces: 5400k

      How to find the treasure after u made the map
      It痴 very easy, lvl 1 treasure maps will tell u where the treasure is located at. You can click on the map as many times as u want, and it will show a map with a yellow symbol in the middle that tells u where the treasure is.

      If it's lvl 2 or higher map, and u cant tell where the treasure is, u can authenticate them at some NPCs.
      U can also ask other players for help. But authenticate NPC痴 accuracy is 100%.

      Authenticate Treasure Map
      Seville - Adatol (In Tavern)
      Oslo - Phillhouse (-27.7, 98.Cool
      Cathelin - Cape Town (In Tavern)

      When u know where is the treasure is located at, u can start compare maps to find the treasure.
      If not, u can always use the "explore" skill (land).
      If it says something like yes it's here, keep looking, that means u got the right place.
      If not, try another place.

      When u start looking for treasures, compare maps, and go to suspicious spots, if u r close, it will tell u "something is strange in the [direction](west, east, north, south)" Take small steps. You should find treasure fairly quickly.
      Other prompts:
      鉄eems to be nothing here = you池e at the wrong place.
      迭ight location, try again = right place, too far away from the cross.

      Some Tips by other players:

      Look very very closely at every little detail of the map, then Ctrl+M and check for those details...
      Try different zoom levels to match anything, and keep trying.
      If you fail to find any noticeable details, start in a corner, and work in 10 step increments...
      Check each ten steps, moving in a grid pattern (don't check if there's anything that should appear on your treasure map like a path, dark patch, edge, etc...) And try not to crush your mouse!

      If anyone has a map with a big red rectangle patch of rug, it's Athens church, no need to waste money on NPC authen.

      * Explore skill uses 20 SP each time
      * Some high lvl treasures are guarded by monsters and boss, you need to kill these monsters first. (When u start digging the treasure, they will pop up), but those treasures buried in cities are not guarded.
      * Level of map does -not- equate level of treasure: just because you use a lvl3 map doesn稚 mean you値l get lvl3 treasure you might get lvl2, or lvl1.

      NPCs that authenticate treasure maps
      Palma (Athens tavern)
      Adatol (Seville tavern)
      Phillhouse (Oslo -27.7, 98.Cool
      Catelin (Cape Town tavern)
      Butcher Li (Beijing restaurant)

      Treasures data (BIG Thanks to thalia for re-doing this part with correct info and better order! 芳) 覧覧覧覧覧覧

      Lvl 2 or higher treasures do not tell u where its location is. If u want to find out, u can authenticate treasure maps at some NPCs, 200k each time.

      Art Type Treasures ★ (Need authentication)

      Level 1
      Name Rep Money Place(likely random)

      Writing Model by ZhangXu 748 14,950 Seville suburb, Quanzhou pic
      Pearl Crown 748 14,950 Libson dock, Luanda (pic)
      GuangLingSan (Music Score of Chinese Opera) 1,080 21,600 Quanzhou
      Inscription on Tortoise Shell 1,080 21,600 Zhigu, Quanzhou pic
      Bone Flute 1,413 28,250 Venice suburbs, Reykjavik docks
      Dream Pool Essays (Meng Xi Bi Tan) 1,413 28,250 Zhigu port, Quanzhou port [pic]
      Incense Burner of Xuande Emperor 1,745 34,900
      Pocket Watch 1,745 4,900 Istanbul, Athens, Seville, Barcelona town & suburbs, Genoa dock, Venice pic
      Pottery Figures of Warriors & Horses in
      Mausoleum of First Emperor of Qin
      2,078 41,550 Zhigu docks
      Dark Glass Bowl 2,078 41,550 Seoul (169.0 157.9)
      Golden Crown of Burma 3,325 66,500 Quanzhou [pic]
      Ten Commandments of Moses 3,320 66,400
      Korean Celadon Porcelain Incense Burner 4,073 81,450 Seoul
      Tang Dynasty Tricoloured Pottery 4,073 81,450
      Changxin Imperial Palace Lamp 4,400 88,000
      Green Jade China 4,405 88,100 Zhigu docks
      Drawing of Travellers Arnid Streams and Mountains 4,405 88,100 Zhigu docks
      Giant Pearl made of Jadeite 4,738 94,750 Barcelona docks
      The Tales of Genji 4,738 94,750 Edo
      Chared End Chinese Zither 5,070 101,400 Quanzhou , Zhigu pic
      Ancient Chinese Compass 5,070 10,1400 Quanzhou
      Dancer's Shiva / Siva 5,403 108,050 Bombay docks or suburbs
      Classical Scenario of Weiqi 5,403 108,050 Quanzhou
      Records of the Grand Historian of China 8,325 166,500 Quanzhou port, Zhigu Port [pic]
      Homer's Epics 17,360 347,200 Mozambique, Accra pic
      Bible ( Old Testament ) 4,400 88,000 Alexander city [pic]

      Level 2
      Name Rep Money Place(likely random)

      Iron Maiden 1,040 620,800 Genoa suburb
      Waist-Drum for Chesa 2,240 44,800 Alexandria, Dakar, Luanda, Capetown
      Statue of Bodhisattva Avolokiteshvara 4,400 88,000 Zhigu, Quanzhou (pic)
      1001 Arabian Nights 5,480 109,600 Lisbon (pic)
      Silver Candlestick 5,480 10,9600 Lisbon, Oslo, Hamburg suburb, Seville city, Thassos Island
      Journey into the West 6,560 131,200
      Last Supper 6,560 131,200 Athen church [pic]
      Nature痴 Design 10,800 216,000 Quanzhou, Zhigu port (pic)
      Mahabharata 13,040 260,800 Bombay
      Mona Lisa 14,120 282,400 Athens church
      Romance of Three Kingdoms 14,120 282,400 Zhigu, Quanzhou
      Leonardo Da Vinci's Anatomical Studies 14,200 282,400
      Preface for Lanting 15,200 304,000 Quanzhou, Zhigu
      Da Vinci notebook 15,200 304,000
      Korea Great Treasury Scriptures 15,200 304000 Seoul (pic)
      Stone Inscription of Cuneiform Writing 16,280 325,600 Alexander Pyramid or Venice suburb
      Iron Virgin 31,040 620,800 Lisbon Suburb
      The Conquest of Gaul 10,460 209,200 Seoul

      Level 3
      Name Rep Money Place(likely random)

      Expedition of Alexander The Great 6,140 122,800
      Jadeite Treasure Chest 14,780 295,600 Madagascar (pic)
      Gem hairpin 50,000 1,200,000 Cape Town dock
      Gem Ring 62,300 1,246,000 Las Palmas suburb
      Hippocrates's notebook 66,620 1,332,400 Athens suburb
      Phoenix Feather Fan 70,000 1,400,000 Zhingu Beach
      Hannibal War Diary 75,260 1,505,200 Seville Port, Lisbon suburb, Barcelona city
      The Code of Hammurabi 75,000 1,500,000 Cape Town suburb
      Sun Tsu痴 Art of war 110,940 2,218,800 (pic)
      Skull of Mammoth 14,780 295,600 Barcelona suburb, Oslo
      Viking Harp 66,620 1,332,400 Stockholm, Oslo suburb

      Level 4
      Name Rep Money Place(likely random)

      Hello Kitty 10,240 5,000,000
      The Globe 10,240 5,000,000
      Bigfoot 10,240 5,000,000
      Silver Shield 10,240 5,000,000
      Pirates' Diary 10,240 5,000,000
      Cursed Gold 10,240 5,000,000
      Sun Rock 10,240 5,000,000
      Diamond Eardrop 10,240 5,000,000
      Box and Needle 10,240 5,000,000 (pic)
      Sapphire Ring 10,240 5,000,000 (pic)
      Sailor Falchion 10,240 5,000,000
      Amour In Maximilian Style 10,240 5,000,000 Mozambique
      Voyage Century 20,480 7,123,456
      Emerald Necklace 10,240 5,000,000 Ulleung Village

      Unknown Post if You Know
      Name Rep Money Place

      Sphinx 6,140 122,800 Seville suburb
      Silk Shawl 23,420 468,400 Barcelona suburb
      Silver Brooch 19,100 382,000
      Jiaoweiqin 5,070 1,101,400
      Ouxue Pu 5,403 108,050
      Xuanyi tie 48 14,950

      Weapon & Equip Type

      Level 1
      Golden compass: 91 maneuverability to equip - explore success +50% Madagascar cave (Tigers, then Caveman)
      Pilot Suits Male / Female: 48 seabattle Las Palmas
      Guardian suit Male/Female: 58 sea battle Istanbul docks

      Level 2

      Challenger suit Male / Female: 53 sea battle - def 66, dodge 25
      Patrollers suit Male / Female: 63 sea battle - def 89, dodge 30
      Sword of Damocles: 75 Sword atk 150, acc 40, hp 50 Goree Dungeon
      Femal Chain helmet: 54 sea battle def 20, hp 200 Sicily cave
      Astrology Crystal Ball: ring -- SP +1000 Double axe labyrinth (2nd floor), Lvl 5 Spiders & guarded by Lvl 4 Witch (boss) pic
      Aladdin痴 Lamp: Summons Genie; 3 uses (pic)
      Pharao痴 Mace: 75 Axe - atk 192, acc 40, hp 50, guarded by pharaoh
      Halfmoon Scimitar: 75 Falchion - atk 175, acc 40, HP 50 (pic) Alexander Pyramid, guarded by Grave Keeper
      Original Type of Musket: Gun

      Level 3
      Indian Glass Sword: 81 sword
      Raiden: 81 Axe
      Pure gold mask: HP+1000 permanently on armour Congo jungle (no monster spawn) pic
      Magical flute: lure mobs up to 35 meters away to you; cooling time 5 seconds Hamburg suburb
      Murasama the Demon Sword: 81 Falchion
      Hammer of Thunder: ???

      Level 4
      Lots famous weapons and stuff including mythical ones

      King's mask: def +30 dodge +10
      Crystal shoes: movement speed +50%
      Potion of devils: +100 HP
      Excalibur: 85 sword London
      Spear of Longinus: 95 axe
      Axe of Minotaur: 99 axe - att 314, acc 60, HP 500
      Gigantic Sword: 91 sword
      Armor of Mulan: 98 sea battle female(only?) - def 210, dodge 60, hp 500

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